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  1. Football and beer

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    Last night was my last night in Mendoza. To celebrate, I went to a football game between Godoy Cruz (Mendoza’s home team) and Estudiantes, a club famous for being the home of Juan Sebastian Veron, a player who previously played for both Chelsea and Man Utd. in the UK.

    I’ve no pictures from the night because I was advised not to bring my camera bag. Looking back, I didn’t see one bit of trouble so am sure it would have been fine. I went with an guy from Dublin I met at Hostel Lao called Stephen, and a few other people from the hostel also. ‘We’ lost (I was supporting the home team obviously) by two goals to one. In spite of this, we still went out to celebrate.

    Myself and Stephen hit Mendoza’s ‘strip’, a street called Villa Nueva. Here we had beers in a few different bars, the best of the bunch being Por Aca. They’ve got lots of themed rooms, one of which has a disco ball and Madonna wallpaper. Whatever you’re into I suppose...

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