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  1. Foxy lady

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    Foxy lady


    I’ve had that part from Wayne’s World going through my head since I visited Bloukrans Bridge, location of the world’s highest bungee jump.

    Mirjam and Leslie from Albergo for Backpackers had arranged for me to visit. There was no pressure on me to actually do the jump. I had concerns about doing it with my dodgy knee (plus, wow is it high) so I was really happy to find out there’s a softer option.

    It’s called the Flying Fox. (Which lead to the Wayne’s World scene getting stuck in my head and I keep humming the Hendrix song in my brain.)

    The Flying Fox is a 200 metre cable slide or zip wire out across the bridge and over the gorge to land on the arch of the bridge. Not entirely wimpy either! They took a video of my trip but I haven’t watched it yet. If it’s upload-able I’ll do so but I’m pretty sure I swore loudly and a lot when I pushed off and flew out over across the gorge!

    Even though I wasn’t able to wear my glasses for said feat of daring, I could see a lot and it was pretty amazing! I’m so glad I did something there, even if it was the softer option. I then watched a bunch of people doing the bungee itself while taking some pictures.

    After that adventure, it was time for something a little more sedate. So Mirjam, Leslie and I headed to The Mill. It’s a cool little group of craft stores plus a café right beside the Elephant Sanctuary I visited yesterday.

    We got a tour around the workshop of the porcupine store where they hand-make these incredible ceramics and also got to learn about the cultural significance behind many of their designs. Not as full-on as the previous activity but equally awesome!

    On the way back to the hostel we stopped off at some of the area’s lookout points to take in the absolutely spectacular views. For dinner, I headed to Surf Café with Mirjam and Leslie and had a delicious meal plus a great chat. They’ve been so good to me here and I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me.

    I’m so glad Plett was part of my itinerary (thanks for the heads up Catarina!) as it’s an incredibly beautiful spot with tonnes of things to see and do. I would have loved to have some more time here so I’m definitely going to have to plan to come back here in the future.

    Tomorrow morning I’m off to sample the fare at the Pie Shop, pick up a second hand book and some snacks for my bus journey and then catch the Baz Bus to Mossel Bay!

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