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  1. Free museums in Washington DC – the Smithsonians

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    Free museums in Washington DC – the Smithsonians


    The American capital is different to other cities in the States because there are lots of free museums in Washington DC. I visited another of these yesterday afternoon – the Smithsonian American Art Museum which also incorporates the National Portrait Gallery.

    The gallery and museum are enormous, and would take almost half a day to full explore. I managed to squeeze in about three hours there. There are lots of highlights, but my favourite were the pictures in the portrait gallery. Like the National Portrait Gallery in London, it’s got numerous iconic photographs which you would recognise.

    The museum is just one of 19 ‘Smithsonian Institute’ museums in Washington DC. Most of which are free. Today I’m going to visit a few more of them. But that was just about all the culture I could fit in yesterday.

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