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  1. Free sunset; free wine

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    Free sunset; free wine


    I sorted out permission to shoot on Robben Island today. It wasn’t easy. It took numerous phone calls and emails, but I got there in the end. Perseverance pays off! Shooting there tomorrow and recording a podcast also. Really looking forward to it. Is meant to be a fascinating place.

    Tonight is my last night in Cape Town, for now anyway. I’m going to Hermanus for the weekend but returning here to Cape Town for one more night on Monday. This is to make sure I get community projects and ‘voluntourism’ into the video. You’ll know all about it next week.

    I spent my last night quite spectacularly though, with a sunset up on Signal Hill. It is an essential Cape Town experience and I urge you to do it when you’re here.

    Now I’m enjoying a free bottle of wine in a restaurant called Arnold’s on Kloof St in the City Bowl. If you read my last post you’ll know that it’s a neighbourhood just outside the city centre that’s got lots of hostels, bars and restaurants. And yes, I did say free wine. No catch. You can pick up vouchers in some hostels.

    I’m off to pack now. Tomorrow it’s Robben Island and then I’m off down south to Hermanus.

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