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  1. Free WiFi in London - London WiFi Hotspots

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    Free WiFi in London - London WiFi Hotspots


    Looking for free WiFi in London? Want to save on internet access if your hostel doesn't offer it? We've come up with a list of ten places in London that offer free WiFi. All you need to do is purchase some food or drink, bring your laptop, and you can browse away for free to your heart's content.

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    1. Vantra, 11-13 Soho Street, Soho

    This popular spot in the heart of Soho is one for vegetarians and vegans as the food is tailored to suit their tastes. A good place to browse around in the afternoon, it's a good place for lunch. Open Mon-Sat 12 noon-11pm, Sun 12 noon-8pm.

    2. The Buck's Head, 202 Camden High St, Camden
    If you're just after spending an afternoon buying clothes at the markets in Camden, then want to share it on Facebook but are afraid of the charges, fear not. This bar beside the famous market will let you do so for free.
    Open Sun-Thurs 12 noon-midnight, Fri & Sat 12 noon-1am.

    3. Eat, various locations
    Found absolutely everywhere in the English captal, these cafés offer coffee, soup, sandwiches, pies, salads, desserts, breakfast and more.
    Opening hours vary from branch to branch.

    4. McDonald's, various location
    Yes, that McDonald's. You may be thinking 'couldn't they recommend somewhere else?'. But since the golden arches are omnipresent in London (as well as other cities), you'll never be far from a Big Mac and a free browse.
    Open daily from 4pm-close.

    5. Pierre Victoire, 5 Dean St, Soho
    Pierre Victoire is a restaurant with a lot of character thanks to its classic French Bistro style décor. They do decent set course lunches for less than £9, while if you're going to a show in the West End it's also a good option.
    Open daily from midday-midnight.

    6. Starbucks, various locations
    Yes, that Starbucks. This is in the list by default - unlike their American counterpart, you can't just walk into any Starbucks and start browsing away. Instead you have to buy a Starbucks card pre-loaded with a few pounds for some coffee you're about to buy. Then you can browse away for nothing...sort of.
    Opening hours vary from branch to branch.

    7. Soho Theatre Bar, 21 Dean St, Soho
    The second Dean St venue in our list, the Soho Theatre Bar is quite enough during the day that it's a good place to browse with your laptop, and lively enough at night that you can post pictures to Facebook from your smart phone and make everybody jealous of your night out in London Town.
    Open daily 9.30am-late.

    8. Zen Sushi Bar, 301 Porotbello Road, Notting Hill
    If you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the West End, Notting Hill is the perfect place to go. This sushi bar on its main thoroughfare is a great place for the reasonable, fresh sushi and of course, the toll-free internet access.
    Open daily from 12 noon-10.30pm.

    9. The Slug and Lettuce, various locations
    This large chain of pubs around the UK is your typical British boozer - big, busy at the weekends, and offering a menu that contains things like full English breakfasts and Caesar salads. Their most central pub is on Lisle Street near Leicester Square, while they've another one on Islignton High Street.
    Opening hours vary from branch to branch.

    10. The Diner, 18 Ganton Street, Soho
    Another eatery with branches all over the city, The Diner will suit American visitors looking for a taste of home while talking to their friends on Skype for nothing. This is their most central restaurant, with others in Camden, Shoreditch and Islington.
    Opening hours vary from branch to branch.

    So if you are looking for free WiFi in London because your place of residence doesn't offer it, now you know where to go.

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