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  1. Free wine in Cape Town

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    Free wine in Cape Town


    A couple of times in my Cape Town posts you may have noticed I mentioned a restaurant where you can get a free bottle of wine with your meal. It’s in a restaurant called Arnold’s and here’s how it works...

    First of all, Arnold's restaurant is on a street called Kloof St. To get the free bottle of wine you need to have a voucher. These are lying around in hostels, guesthouses and hotels in the area. I got mine in The Backpack where I’m staying, but you can get them in others too. So once you have your voucher present it when ordering your meal and you’ll get your free bottle of red or white wine.

    Now there is one main term/condition. It’s one voucher for every four people. So if three of you arrive with a voucher each you won’t get three bottles of wine. If there are four of you, what you could do is split into pairs, go separately, order your wine, then pretend to see your friends by accident and then go and join them. Simple!

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