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  1. Freedom is more than just a word

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    Freedom is more than just a word


    (February 3rd) Today I had an early start, breakfasting at the hostel and then heading out to see some of the city with Kaigaso or KG, who works as a guide and driver for Footprints in Africa, the tour company run by Pretoria Backpackers. KG's the guy who picked me up from the airport so I was really happy to be heading out to see some of the city with him while talking his ear off again!

    First up was the Voortrekker Monument. The friezes inside were pretty stunning and the structure itself is mighty impressive. My favourite part of the day though was when KG and I visited Freedom Park.

    We were escorted around the Park by Jacob, a man who really knows his stuff. Although the Park isn't entirely finished yet, there's still plenty to see and if you're lucky enough to get Jacob as your guide then you'll really enjoy the experience. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the Park and what it's trying to achieve, he was more than happy to engage us in discussions about politics and much more besides.

    I have to say, that's one thing I've really noticed about all the people I've met here so far. As well as being extremely helpful and friendly, they'll talk away to you. Which is great! It's really cool to meet people along the road who you can have a chat with, whether that's about the state of the world or the music of Michael Jackson.

    After Freedom Park, we went for a spin to Kruger House. Then it was up through Union Square and along to Eastwood Street where we had a delicious lunch of savoury pancakes (and grape Fanta for me, which was new for me and, yeah, I think I have a new addiction) at Harries.

    KG then dropped me back at the hostel as he was headed out the airport to do a pick up. We're meeting up again tomorrow to hopefully go to the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre.

    Right, I'm off for a shower and then I'm going to walk down to Hatfield to check out the mall there!

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