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  1. From a beautiful bay to the sweet sound of jazz

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    From a beautiful bay to the sweet sound of jazz


    Sardinia Bay is a short drive outside of Port Elizabeth and if you’re looking for impressive sand dunes, pristine beaches and great waters, then this is a great place to check out.

    It was a gorgeous day yesterday as you can see from the picture and plenty of people were taking advantage of that fact at Sardinia Bay.

    After we’d gotten a taste of the beach, we were all feeling the need for a break so we headed to a place called the Island which is an awesome bar and restaurant not far from both Sardinia Bay and Port Elizabeth. The guys had calamari but I wanted something really cold so I had a chocolate sundae which went down really well.

    Then we headed back to Lungile Lodge in PE, taking the scenic route home. It was brilliant to travel along the coast road and at one stage we even saw some animals running along in the nature reserve beside the road.

    It was really great of Ed to drive both me and Martin around to so many awesome places. After all the going during the day, we were all quite tired so before we headed out for the night, Ed decided to get us a DVD so we could all chill out for a while.

    Before heading back to Lungile, where we watched ‘Step Brothers’ in the supremely comfy TV room at Lungile, Ed took me round to see 99 Miles which is their new hostel in Summerstrand. It’s really awesome inside, and it also has its own pool, TV room and sweet bar area.

    After the DVD, which was hilarious, I was definitely feeling chilled out. The perfect mood to head to the Gondwana Café to hear some jazz.

    The band were awesome and I really could have stayed and listened to them all night. The bar had a great atmosphere and the drinks were great value. But I was really tired after the day so after a couple of hours we called it a night and I headed back to the hostel to catch up on some much needed sleep!

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