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  1. From a noodle bar to the pub of the year!

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    From a noodle bar to the pub of the year!


    Thanks to Chris and Paul from Hatters Hostel, and to Erica from the official Liverpool tourist office, I went out this evening armed with some great recommendations!

    First off, I needed dinner. After a day of walking around, I wanted a nice big portion of tasty food. I got that at Tokyou on Berry Street. This is a small noodle bar that serves up delicious dishes at really reasonable prices. After you’ve tasted the food here, you’ll understand why people continuously show up as you eat. I had the satay chicken which was a substantial plate of food. It was incredibly reasonable too! For my food and two drinks, I paid under £7. Not bad at all!

    After I’d eaten, I went to have a look at some of the many, many bars you’ll find scattered all over Liverpool. One of the best areas to find somewhere for a great night out is in an around Seel Street. Here I visited Heebie Jeebies and the Peacock. Both are excellent bars and Heebie Jeebies plays host to lots of live music, while Peacock has a club up on its first floor.

    From here I made my way to Bold Street, which is definitely going in the Retail Therapy section of my Liverpool Hostelworld.com free pocket guide. There are some great indie stores here, plus places to find books, music and more. That’s not why I went there tonight though. I was on Bold to check out Tabac, a really funky café bar. I loved this place! Great, laid back atmosphere! Plus, I’m told it shows movies on Monday and Tuesday nights. Because of the World Cup, that was on hold tonight which was a pity because I would have loved to catch one!

    My final destination of the evening was The Dispensary, winner of the CAMRA Liverpool & District Pub of the Year 2010. This place is brilliant! It’s a small spot inside but they’ve got an insane selection of drinks including a great selection of real ales, cider, European beers, wine and more. It’s got a great atmosphere too!

    Bar hopping done, I headed back to Hatters Hostel which is where I now sit! Busy day tomorrow. I’ve got three podcast interviews to do and I’m going to check out all around the Albert Dock area. Hopefully the rain will hold off!

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