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  1. From Mossel Bay to Cape Town

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    From Mossel Bay to Cape Town


    Today I left Mossel Bay for Cape Town. It was a long journey with the Baz Bus although we did arrive ahead of schedule, which was awesome! It took about about 7 hours overall, including stops and stuff which wasn't too bad.

    Now I'm here in Cape Town in my room at Ashanti Gardens which, as you can see from the picture, is pretty awesome!

    The best part of the journey was heading along the moutain road into Cape Town at twilight and seeing the city spread out down below. The sunset colours here in South Africa are pretty amazing and the scene I saw this evening was actually like something from a postcard. I didn't whip out my camera as the bus window would have gotten in the way. It was really nice to just look and appreciate it though. Yet another amazing view to remember from my time here.

    Tomorrow I'm meeting with Aimee from Baz Bus and then tomorrow evening my weekend off begins. Don't worry though, as I have WiFi you'll still be hearing from me!

    I'm going to head to the Waterfront first, I think. There I hope to pick up some gifts (don't worry Mam, I haven't forgotten that brooch), check out the aquarium and maybe even go to a movie. Ah yes, I'm a wild one. It's going to be awesome!

    I must also remember to book some kind of tour for Saturday too. It would be awesome to visit Table Mountain at the very least!

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