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  1. From surf talk to skating

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    From surf talk to skating


    Today I have my podcast interview with Andy, who’s the chairman of the local surf club here in J Bay. He’s been surfing here for many a year and really knows his stuff.

    There was talk of breaks and swells, of surf shops and surfing competitions. Once I’m back in Ireland it’ll be edited and will appear with all the other Hostelworld.com podcasts.

    After that, Tracey from Island Vibe took me up to the main shopping mall here to visit a very special Quiksilver shop. And why is it special? Because inside the shop there’s a skate park area which anyone can come use for free whenever the shop is open. We were there pretty early but one guy was already on the go as you can see here.

    For lunch today I tried some of the lovely local calamari. Tracey came with me and it was great to have a nice chat with her over lunch about everything from backpacking to religion.

    Once again here in Jeffreys Bay I’ve met some really amazing people, some of whom I spent time with this afternoon at the waterfall.

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