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  1. Funny story longlist

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    It’s time to reveal the longlist for our Funny Story category in the Hostelworld Travel Story Awards 2013.

    We asked you to nominate “A post telling a story that’s made you laugh this year,” and the entries came rolling in.

    The top 15 posts that made us chuckle are below, with their reasons for nomination. Remember…

    - Voting for the Funny Story Award will open on December 11th.

    - We’ll announce the final shortlist of five on the first day of voting.

    - The blogger with the most votes will be revealed in January, and will win a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld

    Funny Story Award Longlist: the Top 15 Nominations

    Twenty-something Travel

    How to Get Your Teeth Cleaned in Italy (and be Traumatized Forever)

    “This is painful and funny at the same time.”

    Vagabonding Life

    Thai Massage – With Happy Ending

    “This is a ridiculous post.”

    Backpacks and Bunkbeds

    Dorm Room Dilemmas

    “When I first read this post back in October 2013, it had me in tears. It's one of the most honest posts you'll read all year.”

    More Kids than Suitcases

    More of Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints

    “I laughed out loud...it is hilarious what people say on Trip Advisor, and Steve's take on it is too funny!”

    Time Travel Turtle

    BREAKING NEWS: Irish citizens see sun for first time

    “Everyone was shocked when there was actually some sun in Ireland. This fake news story puts it all in perspective.”

    Rexy Edventures

    Taxi Mafia in the Algarve

    “Rexy thinks he's got involved with the Mafia in Portugal by simply taking a taxi ride...”

    Travelling for Fun

    Croatia, Plitvice – Pushing in the snow

    “A typical 'day in the life' of a traveller on the road and the things that can happen to keep the journey smooth.”


    Why Do I Do These Things to Myself? (Aka “On Chili Peppers”)

    “Because it's painful hearing about putting your hands in a bowl of yogurt at 4am.”

    Turnip Seed Travel

    Meet My Travel Nemeses

    “Being attacked by roosters, being stalked by sushi; this post is a hilarious look at Vanessa's many travel nemeses!”

    Around the World in Eighty Years

    “No. No. You May Not Have an Americano” – My Shot of the Day – October 5, 2013

    “Short funny take on cultural mix up with fun photo.”

    Backpacker Becki

    Annoying Things Travellers Say! A Rant…

    “Because rants are funny and people love ranting back!”

    Bridges and Balloons

    Attack! An Involuntary Invasion

    “Being held hostage by monkeys! Who would have thought that even possible?!”

    Around the World in 80 Jobs

    How to Not fish: The Lousy Laotian Fisherman

    “Fishing and beer Lao, what's not to like?”

    Life Less Ordinary

    Lost in Babyland

    “Hilarious look at a travel blogger's attempts at parenthood.”

    A Backpacker’s Tale

    Mongol Rally: Stranded in Kazakhstan

    “Such a crazy adventure and random.”

    Congratulations to all nominees!

    Stay tuned for the rest of our Travel Story Award category longlists, coming soon:

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