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  1. Further south into Patagonia

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    Further south into Patagonia


    Arrived in El Calafate today it’s about 1,800km south of Bariloche but seems to be warmer! Staying in a hostel called Che Lagarto. It’s one of the many hostels in El Calafate. It’s a great hostel. So far today we’ve played pool. Lots of pool.

    Amy from the hostel gave us the lowdown on the different ways to visit the glacier. These are:

    Mini-trekking: Here you go out on to the ice for around two hours. You never get too deep into the glacier, but you get to trek into it nonetheless. You also enjoy a boat trip there.

    'Big Ice': This is for the hardcore ice fans. You have about 6 hours on the glacier and get to crawl into caves and all sorts of things.

    Boat tour: Here you see different parts of the glacier from, you guessed it…a boat.

    Independently: This is for people on a budget – you take a bus from El Calafate and see the glacier from the viewing decks. You still get up close to the glacier, just not onto it.

    Myself and Richie have decided to go with the mini-trekking option. Ivan, one of the managers here at the hostel, said that if we’re happy enough just to get on to the ice, it’s the one to go for.

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