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  1. Georgetown – one of DC’s prettier neighbourhoods

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    Georgetown – one of DC’s prettier neighbourhoods


    One neighbourhood I’ve heard of over and over in Washington DC is Georgetown. I was told it’s a quaint neighbourhood with a small-town feel to it. Last night I went to check it out and it didn’t disappoint.

    The main strip in Georgetown is M Street. All along it are shops belonging to the world’s best known (and most exclusive) brands, a host of restaurants, bars and cafes. It’s a great neighbourhood and one not to miss.

    Georgetown is also well known for its connection with the water. Just seconds from M Street is the neighbourhood’s canal, and within a couple of minutes more you’ll be down at the Potomac River.

    I finished the evening off by doing my utmost to gain even more weight by devouring a pizza in a restaurant called Paper Moon. It cost just around $10 so not bad value for the area – Georgetown is quite affluent.

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