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  1. Germany - your ultimate guide

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    We love Germany. A lot. We love it for its events, for its cities and for its music - it's one of Europe's most creative countries. That’s why we keep going back - over the last few years we’ve been to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and other cities writing up free pocket guides, recording podcasts and more. We thought we'd do you a favour and put them all in the one place. So here you go...

    Free pocket guides

    > Find out free things to do and more in our free pocket guide for Berlin
    > Looking for a beer hall that's off the beaten track? You'll find that and more in our free pocket guide for Munich
    > In our free pocket guide for Cologne you'll find out Cologne's best neighbourhoods among other things.
    > Looking for the ultimate day in Hamburg? Check out our free pocket guide for Hamburg
    > 'Apfelwine' - just one of the local specialites you should taste in Frankfurt. Find out the others in our free pocket guide

    Travel features

    > Insider tips for Munich from people who've been there
    > Your favourite Munich restaurants
    > Our facebook fans' favourite bars in Munich
    > Top insider tips for Berlin

    > Our facebook fans' favourite bars in Berlin

    > The best restaurants in Berlin


    > Only in Frankfurt
    > Hamburg - what not to miss
    > On Museumsinsel in Berlin
    > Live from Oktoberfest

    City guides

    > Berlin
    > Cologne
    > Frankfurt
    > Munich

    Suggested itineraries

    > 3 days in Munich
    > 5 days in Berlin

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