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  1. Getting to know Mendoza

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    Getting to know Mendoza


    I’m staying in Hostel Lao. It’s run by a really friendly English-Argentinean couple called Mike and Celeste who go out of their way to make sure guests enjoy their stay. Their hostel has a pool and luckily enough for me, they’ve put me into the pool house.

    Mike gave me the rundown on Mendoza yesterday evening – this city isn’t about running around looking at different attractions; it’s about relaxing and enjoying good wine (Mendoza is famous for it) and food.

    Mike also told me that Mendoza is an extremely green city. He wasn’t wrong. Today I went for a walk around the city admiring the tree-lined avenues and streets. I also went square-hopping. This city has many, the biggest being Plaza Independcia.

    This evening Mike and Celeste are treating the guests to a proper Argentinean barbecue. Looking forward to that.

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