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  1. Going out in Washington DC – quiet on a Tuesday

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    Going out in Washington DC – quiet on a Tuesday


    Last night I visited the Dupont Circle neighbourhood, as I’ve been assured it’s one of the best in the city. The red line goes there and there’s a stop near HI Washington where I’m staying so it’s easy to get to.

    Before checking out some of the bars I went for a bite to eat. Most of the restaurants can be found along Connecticut Ave which runs off from the circle. While most of the restaurants along the avenue are pretty expensive, Dalchinni is just about affordable. It’s an Indian restaurant with friendly staff. The girl waiting on me recommended I check out two bars…

    The first of these was 18th St Lounge at the intersection of 18th St and Connecticut Avenue. It’s an uber-chic bar, and one that attracts a slightly older crowd. It’s funky though, and is decorated just like a living room. It was dead though. As was Public Bar right next door. But I could tell that Public Bar really goes off on weekends. Carmel, the bartender (who I told had the same name as my mother), told me it was extremely busy last weekend due to one of the Washington DC Redskins having his birthday party there. She also told me he was wearing shades indoors most of the time. We agreed that just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you have to be like an idiot and wear shades indoors.

    Now, today it’s time for some more culture at the museums.

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