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  1. Goodbye cold, hello heat

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    Goodbye cold, hello heat


    One of the most memorable experiences on this trip so far has been the waft of cold air that greeted me as I walked off the plane in Bariloche. For the next six days I was living in a cold climate. That has all changed now.

    Myself and Richie arrived in Puerto Iguazu earlier today. We noticed the temperature change straight away. Unfortunately, we also noticed the runway had a few sneaky puddles here and there.

    We’re staying at Hostel Inn Iguazu Falls. It’s something else this place...has a huge pool with a bar, a tour desk. The place is very self-contained. Many people who come here only leave to go to the falls. I’m not going to fall into that trap though. Need to go there to visit the restaurants and bars for the free pocket guide. That’s where I’m headed now.

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