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  1. Guest Blogger Gary Davis, the Party with Saint Patrick Competition Winner!

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    Guest Blogger Gary Davis, the Party with Saint Patrick Competition Winner!


    Absolutely over the moon with the news I’ve just won the Hostelworld.com St. Patrick’s Day holiday package and all the tasty extras! My dreary, overcast, freezing day at work in central London today is long forgotten…instead I’m buoyed by the opportunity to take in Dublin and its highlights on their biggest party day of the year! Magical.

    To introduce myself, I’m Gary, 29, from Bromley, Kent. I love to travel and by pure (Irish luck – I am a quarter Irish!?) chance I’m a travel consultant by profession too.

    Hobby-wise I’m a big sports enthusiast (not sure if the chance to take in a game of Gaelic football or rugby might arise in Dublin – not inside the bar I hope!), and I’ve an all-round passion for escaping abroad. New Zealand (with its Lord of the Rings-esque scenery everywhere you look) is probably my favourite destination visited to date, along with Cambodia and Mexico. Next on my wish-list is Rio along with Costa Rica, and I only hear positive things about Buenos Aires too.

    Just holding to ransom/bargaining for three lucky companions to join me in Dublin – we’ll be in an O’Neills for a birthday celebration this evening so that venue seems very apt for further excited discussion! The Guinness (and drinking preparation for Dublin) is on me tonight – the luck never ends!

    While we’re in Dublin, we’ll head to the Guinness Brewery again (need it be said) and I’ll spend the evenings gallivanting in Temple Bar no doubt. Flannery’s on Camden Street is apparently a super pub and I’m hearing The Bernard Shaw pub on Richmond Street is a mellow drinking hole – not that anywhere will be ‘mellow’ on the Irish Bank Holiday St. Patrick’s Day!

    As well as the odd drink, I’m all about seeing as many of the prime tourist hotspots as I can during the short city break. I’m aiming to head to the Castle and to Trinity College for a tour of the University perhaps.

    Thanks again Hostelworld.com for the opportunity! We are well up for the craic and, as we all know, the Irish are some of the most hospitable people in the world so a guaranteed good time shall ensue!

    Sláinte (cheers) for now.

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