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  1. Top ten tips for solo travel newbies

    posted by Guest Blogger - Janice Waugh | 0 Comments


    Some people don’t give the idea of taking off solo for the first time a second thought. But others angst over the notion. They’re haunted by questions that start with “how can I” and “what if”. Let’s put some of those questions to rest with these ten tips.

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  2. 7 reasons it's easy to find love at a hostel

    posted by Guest Blogger - Netanya Trimboli | 0 Comments


    If you’re single and it’s bumming you out, your perfect match may be closer than you think – literally. Throughout the world, in small towns and major cities, are hostels, which are havens for single travelers who just want to meet other people and have a good time. And with over 30,000 hostels worldwide, you probably don’t have to go too far to find one!

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  3. 5 ways to design your travel lifestyle

    posted by Guest Blogger - Lindy Coops | 0 Comments


    The concept of a ‘Travel Lifestyle’ can be quite broad. And it should be - you deserve to fill in the blanks here and you deserve to create a lifestyle around your travel passion! In extreme cases, travellers sell everything they own, pack their bags and leave what they used to call home indefinitely. But what if you’re not this kind of person? Not to worry, there’s many more options to change your lifestyle and become more of the traveller you want to be!

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  4. How TEFL can allow you to travel long-term

    posted by Guest Blogger - Helen Hargreave | 0 Comments


    It’s the last day of a two week holiday in the sun and your mind has turned to the first day back at work...the bursting email inbox, the office chit-chat, your flickering computer screen and let’s not even mention the omen of all omens... excel spreadsheets; a state of panic takes over you (with the exception of really looking forward to a decent bacon sandwich and a cup of tea) how can you delay your time abroad? Breaking your leg on purpose seems a bit extreme.

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  5. 13 of the best Thai dishes

    posted by Guest Blogger - Matt Kepnes | 0 Comments


    Whenever I go back to visit Thailand I always go on an eating binge. I miss the zesty, spicy flavor Thai food has. No matter how good a restaurant I find in the States, it’s just never the same as eating the real thing. Living in Thailand spoiled me, so whenever I go back, these are my must-have dishes and the ones I think will give you a good overview of Thai cuisine.

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  6. Five of Israel’s natural wonders

    posted by Guest blogger - Ben Julius | 0 Comments


    Israel is a country generally associated with history and religion and there’s no doubt that this is what makes this small country, barely bigger than Wales or the US State of New Jersey, such a focal point on the radar of people around the world. What people often don’t know about Israel is that despite its size, it has incredible natural diversity – 60% of the land area is desert, whilst less than two hours away, the rolling green hills of the Galilee are home to among other things, a ski resort. Amid this diversity are some magnificent natural wonders. Here are five of the best.

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  7. Five important things you'll learn travelling solo

    posted by Guest blogger - Janice Waugh | 0 Comments

    Five important things you'll learn travelling solo


    Ah yes, travel is an education. And travel helps put your formal education in context. You learn about countries and cultures afar. And, as you do, you learn about your own country as well. Travel solo, and you also learn about yourself. Here are just five personal discoveries awaiting you on a solo trip.

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  8. My favourite Manhattan hangouts

    posted by Guest blogger - Matt Kepnes | 0 Comments

    My favourite Manhattan hangouts


    New York City is a city of 10 million people and 100 million things to do. You can never be bored here. I’ve been living here on and off since 2010 (more, lately, now that I am no longer completely nomadic). Every time I walk down the street, I get drawn into the orbit of some new place to eat or drink. After having explored a lot of the city (but not all of it – nobody can do that), Hostelworld asked me to share some of my favourite spots and I was more than happy to do so.

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  9. Why you should go to Ibiza but skip the clubs

    posted by Guest blogger - Lane Nieset | 0 Comments

    Why you should go to Ibiza but skip the clubs


    Ibiza may be an island known for its wild parties and clubs, but there is plenty of sightseeing to do if you look in the right places. After a trip to the Balearic island last April, I discovered ways to enjoy Ibiza during off season by turning an island getaway into a mini roadtrip.

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  10. How to pack for a hostel

    posted by Guest blogger - Fred Perrotta | 5 Comments

    How to pack for a hostel


    Hostels are great for many reasons. One of these is price – they’re a lot cheaper than hotels. They don’t offer some of the perks a hotel offers though, so when packing for them you'll need to bring along a few more items and be mindful of how you pack them.

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