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  1. A local's guide to eating out on a budget in Copenhagen

    posted by Guest blogger - Alex Berger | 0 Comments

    A local's guide to eating out on a budget in Copenhagen


    Welcome to Copenhagen. It's an incredible city full of wonderful side streets, cosy cafés and ridiculously overpriced meals. With the typical pay for a coffee shop job starting at about 110 DKK (€14.75/$20) an hour, it's not so much that things are expensive relative to the economy, it's just that the rest of us don't get paid in Danish Kroner. Let's face it, when a medium Big Mac meal costs 53 DKK and a Cheeseburger costs 10 DKK, you know your budget is in trouble.

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  2. Top activities in Central America

    posted by Guest blogger - Matt Kepnes | 0 Comments

    Top activities in Central America


    Central America has become one of the most new places for backpackers. As the region shakes off its torrid past, more and more people are coming here. When I first went in 2005, I found a region filled with older, 30+ travelers. Now, the region teems with intrepid people of all ages. I love this region of the world. The people are friendly, the food delicious (and sometimes spicy), there are tons of beautiful beaches, and jungles worth exploring.

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  3. 7 ways to make dining solo a great experience

    posted by Guest blogger - Janice Waugh | 1 Comments


    It’s funny – the things that people worry about. Comments from my readers suggest that solo travellers are concerned about dining alone almost as much as they are concerned about safety. But truly, dining solo can be a great experience. Here are seven tips to make eating on your own fun...not daunting.

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  4. 20 tips for solo travellers

    posted by Guest blogger - Janice Waugh | 9 Comments

    20 tips for solo travellers


    People are travelling solo more and more. It’s safe and makes your trip just that, yours. You do what you want when you want. Follow these tips to have a great time.

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  5. Why I love hostels

    posted by Guest blogger - Matt Kepnes | 0 Comments

    Why I love hostels


    Hostel culture isn’t that big in America. Outside of a few large cities, you rarely find hostels. You just don’t have the travel culture other countries have that make them popular. Our view of hostels comes from what we see on movies and TV – dirty, seedy places, where someone might kidnap you and take you for medical experiments in Bratislava.

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  6. 5 ways to avoid the tricks and traps of travel

    posted by Guest blogger - Dave Allan-Petale | 2 Comments

    5 ways to avoid the tricks and traps of travel


    There’s nothing worse than a bad travelling experience. A few wrong notes can sour even the sweetest getaway. But so much depends on your reaction to the difficult times. It is not set in stone that your fate has to be decided by a problem, manners or even the rules. Here are a few stories from the road showing the methods my wife Carmen and I have picked over the years.

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  7. Australia - a photo essay

    posted by Guest blogger - Matt Kepnes | 2 Comments

    Australia - a photo essay


    One of the most popular budget destinations in the world is Australia. After visiting Australia for my first time, I could see why. Since my first visit in 2006, I've been back twice, exploring more of the country, meeting more Australians, and taking part in the Aussie BBQ ritual. Australia is a breathtakingly beautiful country, very budget and backpacker friendly, and filled friendly locals always willing to share a beer. These are some of my favourite photos from my trips.

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  8. Solo female travel - Nine myths and one truth

    posted by Guest blogger - Stephanie Yoder | 17 Comments

    Solo female travel - Nine myths and one truth


    So you have this great trip planned out, to a place you've really been longing to see, but you can't seem to convince anyone to come with you. What's a girl to do? Wait? I don't believe in waiting around for other people to make your travel dreams come true. I've travelled solo through a slew of countries from China to Cambodia and Scotland to Slovenia and it's been both fun and enlightening. Along the way I've heard every misconception about solo female travellers you can imagine, so I'm here to set the record straight with nine myths and one truth about solo female travel...

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  9. 9 things I wish I knew before setting off on a solo adventure...

    posted by Rachael Bruce | 0 Comments


    Eight months ago I condensed my life into a 15kg backpack and booked a one-way ticket to Europe via South East Asia. I'd be the first to admit that I've made a hell of a lot of mistakes along the way, but I've learnt a hell of a lot at the same time. So in the spirit of paying it forward, here are nine things, in no particular order, that I wish I knew before I left New Zealand on my solo travel adventures...

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  10. Stockholm - why I moved there and my favourite things to do

    posted by Guest blogger - Matt Kepnes | 0 Comments


    Earlier this month, I gave up my nomadic ways and moved to Sweden. Well, temporarily. I don’t think I could ever stop being a full time nomad but for now, I am settling down into Stockholm until it gets cold and dark – then I’m off to South America (but that’s another story!)

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