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  1. Hamburg, an incredibly green city

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    Hamburg, an incredibly green city


    It’s true, Hamburg is a very green city and this is abundantly clear in Planten un Blumen, a gorgeous park close to the towering Fernsehturm.

    I took a walk around Planten un Blumen this morning before I headed over to the Alster Lakes to take some video footage. A good few people seem to have had the same idea, as the park was pretty busy even though it was early enough.

    In this popular park you’ll find a Japanese garden, a rose garden, a duck pond, colourful flowerbeds, towering trees and open grassy spaces. Basically, it’s the perfect spot to go to if you want to get away from the middle of things for a while. I spotted a couple of places selling drinks, snacks and icecreams on my stroll around too.

    After that it was on to both the Outer and Inner Alster Lakes. It was pretty glorious weatherwise for most of today so there were lots of people out and about enjoying the sunshine. Some were jogging around the lake, some were out on the water in boats and canoes (as you can see below), and others (like me) were simply strolling along the banks, taking it in.

    I’d built up a bit of an appetite after all that walking so on my way back into town, I picked up a currywurst (a big sausage with curry sauce and some bread) for just a couple of euro. I wasn’t sure I’d like it but it was really delicious, and great value for a filling snack on the go.

    Once I’d eaten, I made my way towards St. Nikolai and St. Michaelis, two of Hamburg’s main churches, both of which boast panoramic views of the city and I’ll talk a little more about them in my next post.

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