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  1. Hostelworld.com's 70th podcast now live!

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    Hostelworld.com's 70th podcast now live!


    Monkeyland and Birds of Eden were two of the attractions I most enjoyed visiting during my trip to South Africa. While I was there, I recorded Hostelworld.com’s 70th podcast ‘Plettenberg Bay – At Monkeyland and Birds of Eden’ with Lara Mostert who’s the Marketing Manager there.

    Lara spoke really passionately about both Monkeyland and Birds of Eden, two of the top attractions in Plettenberg Bay. As well as being an enjoyable experience for visitors, these sanctuaries provide a much better quality of life for animals and birds that have been rescued from a variety of bad situations throughout the world.

    In the podcast, Lara told me all about the kinds of primates you can expect to see inside Monkeyland, where the colourful birds in Birds of Eden come from, what their lives were like before they came to the sanctuaries and how they live now.

    At Birds of Eden and Monkeyland you’ll get up close to lots of different kinds of monkeys and birds, as you can see from the photograph here. To learn more about both attractions, check out our Plettenberg Bay podcast, number 70 in our onging series of Hostelworld.com podcasts recorded in destinations around the world.

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