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  1. Hostelworld sponsors 'Smedia' award

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    Hostelworld sponsors 'Smedia' award


    Now in its tenth year, the Smedias are the Student Media Awards and award everything from 'Sports Writer of the Year' to 'Newspaper of the Year'. This year Hostelworld.com sponsored the 'Travel Writer of the Year' award and I was lucky enough to judge it.

    The winning article was penned by Kris Goodbody from University College Dublin and is called 'A Cycle to the Cyclades'. It's a fascinating read and does what every good travel article should do - take you on a journey.

    You'll be able to read this article over the next two weeks as we're going to separate it into ten different blog posts, starting next Monday. Before that, Krish himself will introduce himself to you.

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