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  1. How to see Rome's main attractions in three hours

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    Last month I found myself in Rome with four hours to spare. I arrived at 2pm and was leaving for the aiport at 6pm. I decided that since we've lots of hostels in Rome, I would call into one of them (M&J Hostel to see the manager Mario) before embarking on a whirlwind tour of downtown Rome, taking in as much sights as possible.

    It turned out I had three hours to see as many sights as possible for shots for Instagram that I've now made into a Pinterest board. It also turned out you can see pretty much all of Rome's best-known attractions in three hours. Here's how I did it...

    (Before I go any further I'd just like to state that I don't advise anybody to visit Rome's sights like this. But if for some reason or another, you've only three hours in the Italian capital and you want to see its main sights, follow this route and you'll be able to do just that.)

    Heading south west from Stazione Termini, I made my way down Via D Manin before swining a right on to Via Agostino de Pretis. The first piece of Rome I felt the need to take a photo of was a group of Vespa bikes. This is quintessential Rome.

    From here it was north west on to Via delle Quattro Fontane for Piazza di Spagna, stopping at one of my favourite piazzas along the way, Piazza Barberini.

    Before making my way down the Spanish Steps, the main sight at Piazza di Spagna, I jumped on to Rome's metro to go to the Vatican City which was way too far for walking, considering time was against me.

    Once over here I ticked off the Vatican Museum (the walls at least...)

    Then it was on to the city's best known square and one of the world's most famous cathedrals - St Peter's Cathedral and Piazza.

    I didn't manage to make it into the cathedral though. The queue was too long.

    I did get to marvel at the square though.

    From here it was back on to the metro, bound for Piazza di Spagna. Upon arrival at the Spanish Steps I had to get the obligatory photo.

    Then the other obligatory shot.

    I didn't have the time (or money for that matter) to spend too much time at Via Condotti. If you do, you'll note that this is where you'll find the city's most exclusive stores.

    Next was one of the city's most photographed attractions, the Trevi Fountain.

    As touristy as it is, it really is quite impressive. Next was down to one of the lesser-known fountains, but one of my favourites in Piazza della Rotunda.

    I love that fountain. I also love sitting on the steps of it looking at this - the Pantheon.

    If you're lucky the sun will be shining through the hole in the top.

    Next stop was another extremely famous square - Piazza Navona.

    I'll have to admit - I cheated a bit here. I took a taxi to the Colosseum as time was against me, taking a picture of Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele from the back seat.

    When the taxi stopped, the final destination was the Roman Colosseum (the sky really was this blue).

    Then finally, before making my way back to the hostel I got a quick photo of the Roman Forum.

    So there you have it - all of Rome's key attractions in three hours. Not the ideal way to experience them, but all of them nonetheless.

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