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  1. I am now officially a Spanish speaker...

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    My cert from International HouseHaving finished my Spanish course in International House in Barcelona, I am now a certified Spanish speaker...of sorts.

    20 hours I slogged away in that classroom, under the guidance of our teacher Susanna who taught me how to say my name, the difference between male and female nouns, how to conjugate verbs and much more.

    As I approach my trip to South America (I'm leaving Dublin for Lima this coming Sunday!), I'm glad I did this course as I will definitely feel more confident when ordering food in restaurants and much more.

    If you're thinking of learning Spanish, and you wouldn't mind living in Barcelona at the same time, then look into this course. While I did the one-week course, they have longer ones also - courses range from one week to four weeks to twelve weeks. I personally recommend it.

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