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  1. I've arrived in San Sebastian!

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    I've arrived in San Sebastian!


    Well, I flew into Bilbao and then got the bus to San Sebastian then I hopped in a cab which brought me to the guesthouse I'll be staying in during my trip. It's the Pension Garate, which is only a couple of minutes walk from the beautiful La Concha beach.

    Had a little wander around the promenade at La Concha before heading for a cheap and cheerful dinner at Va Bene, a burger bar on Blas de Lezo. Kitschy decor (lots of Americana) but a huge number of the burgers and sandwiches on the menu are under €5 so you can't really argue with that!

    After that, stopped into a cool bar along C/ San Martin called Dylan. Walked in the door and Metallica was playing on the pretty impressive sound system so I was instantly at home! Very friendly staff at the bar and a good stop to have a drink on my first night in San Sebastian.

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