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  1. Ice trekking: jaw-dropping stuff

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    Ice trekking: jaw-dropping stuff


    Today myself and Richie went trekking on Perito Moreno Glacier. As you’d expect, it was chilly there. But it really is unlike anything else I’ve seen before, so really glad I decided to come down to the very bottom of Argentina to see it.

    We went ‘mini-trekking’. This meant we first went to see the glacier (there are lots of lookouts on a custom-made viewing deck). The blue hue it gives off is unreal. Really florescent type colours. After admiring the view you actually go out on to the glacier.

    If you’re coming to Argentina you should really make the trek (no pun intended) to El Calafate to see this glacier. I’ve seen many things on my travels but nothing really like this. Won’t be seeing anything like it again for a while.

    I’m fairly beat now so it’s back to Pura Vida for something to eat (we couldn’t get in last night).

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