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  1. In search of cats

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    In search of cats


    My first game drive last Friday began at 12 noon. As you should know, this is when the day is hottest. Because of this the chances of seeing animals are slim as they’re hiding away in the shade somewhere, most of them asleep.

    That’s why yesterday our game drive began at the extremely early hour of 5am. I slept on the way to the reserve, admittedly, but the first animals we saw once inside the park woke me up instantly – elephants. To see them in the wild is an amazing site.

    Over the course of the day we also saw lions (a pride of around nine of them in fact), a lone hyena, lots of zebra, a kudu, and warthog. Warthogs crack me up. They’re funny looking fellows – they pretty much look like dark pigs with a punk hair cut and attitude.

    After a nine-hour drive with our guides who were Sharon and Paul this time, we made it to the town of Mtubatuba for 3pm. My first 3-day safari had come to an end. And if you’re thinking of doing one when here in Durban, I can personally recommend Tekweni Ecotours.

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