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    Do you plan on visiting some of the world's top cities, but need a little help with the itinerary? Wondering what’s the best way to tackle London on a budget? Want to know what neighbourhoods you should check out in Rio de Janeiro? Looking for the coolest cafés in Paris? We've put all that information, and much more, on the same page for your ease and convenience. 


    - Find out how to catch a free concert and where to get the best view of London without paying a penny in our '15 things to do for free in London' feature

    - Are you looking for a budget-friendly Thai restaurant or after a good kebab house? Check out these restaurant recommendations from our Facebook fans.

    - Pick up tips for getting around on the Tube or find out where's good for shopping in our city guide video.

    - Discover one of the oldest pubs in London and where to find interesting shots to knock back in our nightlife feature

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    - In our 'How to save money in Amsterdam' video we tell you the most famous park to relax in when in the Dutch capital

    - How does a night of food mixed with comedy sound? In our restaurant feature you'll find out about this and more.

    - Like surfing the web for free? Here are 10 places that offer free WiFi. - Find out how to embark on a free walking tour and where to catch free lunchtime concerts in our free things to do feature

    - Wondering where the locals eat, drink and hang out? Listen to our 'Ask the locals' podcast.

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    New York

    - Want to know the best way to hail a cab if you want to save a few dollars? Watch our 'How to save money in New York City' video.

    - New York City has a reputation for being an expensive place, but there are lots of things to do for free if you know where to look. We've listed 15 of them in our feature.

    - Wondering where the locals eat, drink and hang out? I asked them and here's what they said.

    - If you're planning to shop at Macy's when you're in the Big Apple, or wondering which are the must see boroughs (other than Manhatten) you should watch our city guide video.

    - NYC is famous for its nightlife - check out a selection of the best bars in New York City.

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    - Somewhere you will definitely explore when in Paris is the neighbourhood of Montmartre. In our podcast I get the lowdown on the French capital's best-known quarter.

    - Fancy getting into the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay and other museums for free? Find out how in our feature.

    - Watch our '10 things you need to know about Paris' video to find out where Parisians like to shop, where you can try different cuisines and more.

    - If you're looking for an English pub, a traditional French café or you want to know where the hipsters hang out at night, check out our nightlife feature

    - Bistros, salad bars and Thai restaurants - you'll find budget-friendly examples of all these and more in our where to eat in Paris feature

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    - Find out the best places to go for tapas with our free pocket guide

    - Want to know all the highlights you shouldn't miss? I asked a local for our podcast.

    - What do the beach, an unforgettable water fountain show and Museu Picasso have in common? They all feature in our '15 things to do for free in Barcelona' feature.

    - To get a real taste of what Barcelona is like visually, watch our city guide video.

    - Get more insider tips from our Facebook fans in our insider tips feature

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    Rio de Janeiro

    - Brazil's most famous city is isn't only known for its beaches, it is also well-known for its 'favelas'. I spoke to Marcelo Armstrong, founder of 'Favela Tour', when he was in Rio to find out all about them.

    - Wondering what are some reasonably priced restaurants? Read our eating out feature.

    - For a breakdown of some of Rio's coolest neighbourhoods and where to go to chill out, watch our '10 things you need to know about Rio de Janeiro' video.

    - We asked our Facebook fans for their insider tips. Here's what they said.

    - Forests, trams and lakes - these and more feature in our 'How to save money in Rio de Janeiro' video.

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    - Planning a trip to Berlin and looking looking for some help planning your days? Check out our three-day itinerary.

    - Currywurst, tacos and chicken roasted in garlic - we recommend trying them all in our street food guide to the German capital.

    - Going to Berlin but low on funds? You'll find lots of things to for free in this feature.

    - One of Berlin's top attractions is Museumsinsel - an island in the centre of the city with some of the city's best-known museums. I met Mechtild Kronenburg from the National Museums of Berlin to find out all about it for our podcast.

    - Wondering what are the coolest bars in town? Find out in our nightlife feature.

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    - Most of us know what the main sights in the Italian capital are, but what are the hidden attractions? I find out from a local.

    - Want to explore the Vatican Museum, ensure your return to Roma and explore the different neighbourhoods? These all feature in our '15 things to do for free in Rome' feature.

    - Whether you're looking for affordable restaurants or also somewhere that's perfect for a bit of a treat, it's worth checking out our restaurants feature.

    - Discover what are the city's most convenient metro stops and more in our video

    - You'll find out about Rome's very own answer to Pompeii, how to save money on drinking water and more from our insider tips.

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    - In our insider tips feature we reveal the best places to go snorkellingan unforgettable coastal walk and more.

    - Did you know you can save money when eating out in Sydney by bringing your own wine and beer? Find out this and four other ways to save money in our video.

    - Thinking of taking up surfing when in Sydney? Listen to our podcast for some tips.

    - Looking for free things to do in Sydney? Here are 15.

    - Sydney is a great city to go out partying in. Here are some of the best bars in the city.

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    - Fancy a visit to Prague Castle and exploring the Jewish neighbourhood Josefov. Find out all about them in our 'Only in Prague' podcast.

    - You'll find out about good local bars, where to try bagels and more in our eating out in Prague feature.

    - We asked our Facebook fans 'What's the one thing you shouldn't miss in Prague?' Here's what they said.

    - Find out what are Prague's lesser-known attractions and much more in our '10 things you need to know about Prague' video

    - Wondering where to go for breathtaking views and how to embark on a free walking tour? Find out in our free things to do in Prague feature.

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    - Bangkok is one of my favourite cities for so many reasons, but the main one is the infamous Khao San Road. Read what I love so much about it in my blog post.

    - Speaking of the Khao San Road, if you want to get a real taste of what it's like watch our 'Live from the Khao San Road' video.

    - We've got free pocket guides for over 90 cities around the world and Bangkok is one of them. Download your free guide here.

    - Read our nightlife in Bangkok feature to find the best views to enjoy with your beer and more

    - Even though the Thai capital is extremely good value, it's still always nice to know all the best things to do for free. We've listed 15 in our feature.

    >> Book hostels in Bangkok  


    - Want to surf the web for free when you're in Dublin? Here are 10 places that offer free WiFi.

    - Did you know Dublin is divided into the north and south sides or that you'll find some great fishing villages if you explore a little? Watch our video to find out about this and more.

    - Dublin's bars and pubs are a huge part of this city's appeal and we're to help you discover why with our top bars post

    - Speaking of pubs, wondering where you'll find the best pint of Guinness in the Irish capital? Find out in our podcast.

    - Like many cities in Ireland and the UK, many of Dublin's main museums are free. Find out what else you can do without putting your hand in your pocket in our '15 things to do for free' feature.

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    Cape Town

    - Our free pocket guide for Cape Town has a breakdown of the city's top neighbourhoods and more - Want to know where to go for the postcard-perfect view of Table Mountain and more? Watch our city guide video.

    - Find out what are the best bars on Cape Town's famous Long Street and where's good for a waterside drink in our nightlife feature

    - Going to Cape Town on a budget? Here are 5 ways to save money there.

    - I wanted to know where the locals in Cape Town like to eat, drink and hang out so I asked them.

    >> Book hostels in Cape Town  


    - Want to visit Edinburgh Castle, explore the National Museum of Scotland and giggle yourself silly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Find out all about it in our podcast.

    - Did you know that many of the museums along the Royal Mile are free? Discover this and more in our 'How to save money in Edinburgh' video.

    - Do you plan on painting the town red in Edinburgh? Here are some of its most popular bars.

    - One of the most popular free things to do in Edinburgh is climb Arthur's Seat. Find out another 14 in our feature.

    - In our '10 things you need to know about Edinburgh' video, you'll find out where to try haggis, what are the different sections of the Royal Mile and more.

    >> Book hostels in Edinburgh

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