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  1. Introducing...'Hostelworld Hangouts'

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    Introducing...'Hostelworld Hangouts'


    When you use social media quite a bit, something which we do, you have to keep up with the times. Every week you read about a new social network or new functionality with existing ones. One of the newest features to come of the social media world recently is ‘Google Hangouts’ – video chats with up to nine people that can also be watched by others, making them extremely interactive.

    As we love to interact with other people in the travel world and you guys too, it gives me great pleasure to announce that, starting on Wednesday February 27th, we’ll be running the first of our regular hangouts called ‘Hostelworld Hangouts’ – weekly discussions with experts on all types of travel.

    The idea of ‘Hostelworld Hangouts’ came about after top travel blogger and regular contributor to our blog Janice Waugh from SoloTravelerBlog.com and of TheTravelersHandbooks.com mentioned it to me a couple of weeks back. We talked about it a bit more, discussed titles, topics and more and thus they were born!

    Here are the dates and time for the first five Hostelworld Hangouts:

    1. Solo Travel (Wednesday, February 27th)
    2. Career break travel (Wednesday, March 13th)
    3. Voluntourism (Wednesday, March 20th)
    4. Food on the road (Wednesday, March 27th)
    5. Experiencing luxury on a budget (Wednesday, April 3rd)

    So if you want to know how to make sure dining on your own is an enjoyable experience, how to stay safe when travelling solo and much more than make sure to tune in on February 27th. As the weeks progress we’ll be adding new topics and guests which we’ll let you know about them via Twitter and on our Facebook page.

    How do I watch a Hostelworld Hangout?

    1. Log on to Google+ and sign in. You can do this via your Gmail/Google account if you have one. If you don't you can sign up here
    2. You don’t have to add Hostelworld to your circles, but we recommend that you do so you can find out about when they go live. You can add us to your circles here: http://plus.google.com/+hostelworld
    3. Visit our Google Plus page at the time of the Hangout
    4. You’ll see a box like this on our page:

    5. Press the play button in the middle of the box and you’ll start watching our Hostelworld Hangout

    How do I join in one of the Hostelworld Hangouts?

    To ask questions you can either comment in the box below the streaming video or ask us on Twitter using the #HostelworldHT hashtag. We’ll answer your comments live in the hangout, and if not we’ll answer them in the comments of the YouTube video – each Hangout will create a video which will be on our video channel.

    So mark your calendar for next Wednesday, February 27th for the very first Hostelworld Hangout on solo travel. We guarantee you’ll pick up a tip or two.

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