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  1. Istanbul - as seen by Instagram

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    Our latest guest post is by Dalene Heck of Hecktictravels.com, a travel blog from a Canadian couple who decided to sell everything to travel the world. Since cashing in and setting off on their travels back in 2009, Dalene, along with her husband Pete, have been to destinations all over the world, but they find themselves continually drawn back to Turkey. You can read their stories on their blog, find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

    "If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul." ~ Alphonse de Lamartine, French poet

    Make it a long, hard gaze. Don't break it, don't blink, lest you miss a solitary thing in this unmissable city.

    I have ventured into Istanbul three times - wandered numerous back alleys of the historic old district of Sultanahmet, broached the enigmatic Bosphorus Strait to cross continental divides from Europe to Asia and back again, visited famous landmarks more than once - and have never tired of any view.

    For the first time this month, on my third visit, I was finally able to document my every move (I was quite slow to join the Instagram party). I owe apologies to those who traveled with me, as my new-found addiction was greatly fueled by every intriguing sight the city had to offer. Casual pauses turned into luxurious lingers, I had to get every shot from every angle.

    This is my Istanbul on Instagram, and it is but a single brief glance.

    The first of many prominent landmarks, the Blue Mosque commands attention from every angle.

    Across the way is the Hagia Sophia. Perhaps not as stunning on the outside as the neighbouring Blue Mosque, it will still cause one to stop in their tracks upon entry.

    Visit the Grand Bazaar not only to fill your bags with souvenirs, but for the lively atmosphere and colourful wares that constantly compete for your attention.

    The Basilica Cistern once held the entire city's water supply and contains strange and hidden treasures to be found, like the inverted head of Medusa, casually serving as the base of a large column.

    Touring the Topkapı Palace gives a glimpse into the regal life of the Ottoman Empire. The real highlight is the Harem - a labyrinth of corridors and courtyards kept for the concubines of Sultans.

    Though the legendary sights are worth every ounce of praise, nothing beats random strolling to catch the finer details of the city.

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