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  1. Jamie’s Italian, Bath’s celebrity owned restaurant

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Jamie’s Italian, Bath’s celebrity owned restaurant


    It’s not often that you’ll find affordable prices at a celebrity owned restaurant; however, Jamie’s Italian in Bath manages to serve up delicious food at really reasonable rates.

    The pasta dishes are especially good value! They come in two different sizes and a wide variety of different flavours. I had a small portion of the pasta and meatballs and not only was it tasty but the small portion was more than enough for lunch.

    Along with these pasta dishes, you’ll find a number of meat and fish dishes, plus daily specials and a range of desserts that looked really good as they were carried past! I was good and didn’t indulge, mainly because I was so full after the pasta.

    The restaurant is in Milsom Place, a shopping complex right at the heart of Bath, so it’s easy to find and definitely worth trying out. For some great views of Bath Abbey, try and get a table on the upstairs balcony.

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