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  1. Japan earthquake - what to do if you have been affected

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    Japan earthquake - what to do if you have been affected


    Last Friday, less than three weeks after one of the worst natural disasters New Zealand has ever suffered, the world was rocked by the news that there had been another enormous earthquake somewhere. This time it was off the north-east coast of Japan in the North Pacific Ocean. As the epicentre was in the ocean, a tsunami ensued, devastating the lives of thousands – our thoughts go out to those who have been left homeless or have sadly lost loved ones.

    Around the world, thousands more have had their travel plans affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. If you have made a booking on Hostelworld.com which has been affected, Hostelworld.com will credit all bookings made directly on our site so that customers can book again immediately. We will also refund affiliate bookings that are affected by this. Alternatively, if requested, we will refund the deposit paid if requested. Those bookings that are going to be affected are those for destinations in the north east of the country.

    To receive your credit or refund or for any other questions please email customerservice@hostelworld.com or visit our customer service page. Regarding Japan as a whole, we have been in contact with our colleagues in our Asia office who have told us that the area between Kyoto and Tokyo is unaffected and you can still travel between these cities. There might be a reduced train schedule daily, 60% functional. It is still safe to travel between South Japan and Tokyo. Nikko, just north of Tokyo, is also okay to travel to.

    Finally, here are three extremely useful websites for those either in Japan or visiting soon:

    Twitter Disaster Info in Multilanguage: http://p.diim.jp
    Facebook page with earthquake updates for foreigners in Japan: http://www.facebook.com/earthquakeinfo.foreigner
    Time Out Tokyo page: http://www.timeout.jp/en/tokyo

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