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  1. La Tomatina – Everyone’s favourite food fight

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    La tomatina


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    Have you ever wondered what it feels like to hurl a tomato at somebody without getting into trouble? How about several tomatoes?

    Some years ago, back in 1944 (or 1945, nobody is really sure when) someone in Buñol, Spain (nobody is really sure who) was wondering the same thing, started a tomato fight with some locals and La Tomatina was born.

    Tomato fight


    The tomato fight has now turned into an annual event that happens on the last Wednesday of every August. It’s also not limited to locals anymore; people travel from all over the world to this small town just outside of Valencia to take part in the infamous festival.

    On the morning of the fight tons of over ripe tomatoes are transported in from Extremadura (where they’re much cheaper) and loaded into the town’s streets. The day starts with a ham grabbing competition: willing participants try their hardest to climb to the top of a slippery pole to grab a huge ham placed at the very top. Once the ham has been knocked off the pole, water cannons are fired and all bets are off...



    A few things to remember before the fight begins:

    • Arrive a bit early to experience all of the event and get in a good tomato grabbing position
    • Don't throw tomatoes until the ham has been knocked off the pole. Do stop throwing once you hear the end of the fight
    • Wear old clothes as you'll get covered in tomato mush and don’t bring anything valuable to the big event
    • Consider wearing goggles to protect your eyes
    • Make sure your tomatoes are soft as throwing hard ones is just plain mean



    Fighting ends when the water cannons are fired for the second time, after this there's hosing to look forward to. Fire trucks drive through the town streets spraying water to rinse off the tomato debris. If you're lucky, a helpful local might hose you off, otherwise it's time to head back to the hostel for a long shower...

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