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  1. La Tomatina – Everyone’s favourite food fight

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    Have you ever had the urge to throw a juicy, squishy tomato right in your friend's face? Well if you take them to Spain for the last Wednesday in August you can do just that and not get in to trouble for it... just make sure you’re in Buñol when you throw it, because you won’t get away with doing it in Barcelona or Madrid.

    La Tomatina takes place annually on the last Wednesday in August every year and this popular Spanish event is preceded by a great festival with lots of music, parades and fireworks. The big event is on the Wednesday where tons of over ripe tomatoes are loaded onto the streets of this Spanish town close to Valencia. Once the tomatoes are in place everyone just lets loose and this much loved food fight begins.

    No one is completely sure on exactly how this event first began, with one theory suggesting that some locals set upon their politicians with the red fruit when they were unhappy with some new laws. Whatever its origins, the festival attracts thousands of revellers from all over the world who all want to take part.

    There are just a few things to remember before the fight begins...

    - Arrive a bit early to experience all of the event and get in a good tomato grabbing position.

    - Don't throw tomatoes until the ham has been captured. Do stop throwing once you hear the end of the fight.

    - Wear old clothes as they will stain and don’t bring anything valuable to the big event.

    - Consider wearing goggles to protect your eyes.

    - Make sure your tomatoes are soft as throwing hard ones is just plain mean.

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    Thanks to Paul.McGee for the image.

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