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  1. Landmarks in Washington DC – where to begin?

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    Landmarks in Washington DC – where to begin?


    After seeing movies such as Forest Gump and In the Line of Fire over the years, I’ve seen the US capital in many movies over the years. And from them I know that there are many landmarks in Washington DC. Today I went on a tour of them.

    After a sandwich in a restaurant called Potbelly around 11th and F Sts (well recommended) I started with what has to be the world’s best known house – The White House. I was surprised at how relaxed security was. People were right up at the railings sticking their camera through to get a picture of the house and the police in the area didn’t seem to mind too much.

    From there I went down to the Washington Memorial which is the obelisk in the centre of the city, and from here everything is right beside each other. You’ve got the Reflecting Pool where Mr Gump jumped in to see ‘Jen-nay’, you’ve got the Lincoln Memorial, there’s the WWII Memorial and more.

    What I liked most about walking around today, along with the fact that I got to see all these landmarks that I’d only seen in movies, was the space here. Unlike Chicago and NYC, life here is a bit quieter. I like it.

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