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  1. Latest Galway podcast now live!

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    Latest Galway podcast now live!


    My latest Hostelworld.com podcast for Galway, ‘Galway - Home of Traditional Irish Music’, is the second of three podcasts I recorded in Galway. In this podcast, I speak with Cóilí O’Flaherty, proprietor of Tig Cóilí, a Galway pub that hosts some of the city’s most popular traditional Irish music sessions.

    We did the interview in Tig Cóilí and even though it was pretty early in the day there was still a great buzz about the bar, with plenty of people coming and going. Cóilí spoke to me about the traditional Irish music sessions that take place in the bar twice daily, what instruments you can expect to hear at one of these sessions, and why traditional Irish music is so popular in Galway.

    To learn more about traditional Irish music sessions in Galway, just listen to our latest Hostelworld.com Galway podcast.

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