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  1. Latest podcast live, and this one's a special one

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    Latest podcast live, and this one's a special one


    Hostelworld.com's newest travel podcast is a landmark one - this one is our 60th podcast and is from Brazil's most famous city, Rio de Janeiro.

    The podcast is called "Rio de Janeiro - Home of the favela" and is the last podcast from my recent trip to South America. If you've not guessed already, Brazil was my last stop.

    In case you're not aware, 'favelas' are Rio's (for want of a better word) slums. They are all over the city and one day back in 1992 one Marcelo Armstrong decided to start up tours of the favelas. The tours are still running and are called Favela Tours (to book a tour click on that page) This podcast is an interivew with that very man.

    To listen to the podcast simply click here. Hope you like it.

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