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  1. Lima by night

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    Lima by night


    Last night I went on an open top bus tour of Lima. The capital of Peru looks quite impressive at night it has to be said. The tour is called the Mirabus and departs from Lima. It passes by the city’s main sights like Plaza de Armas but also visit Circuito Magigco del Agua, another of Lima’s top sights.

    With me on the tour was Francis, owner of Albergue Miraflores House where I’m staying. Abby and Stan, two people who are also staying in the hostel from London were also with us. They’re friends from college and are travelling around South America with each other for a good few months.

    Francis is born and bred in Lima but had never been on it which I thought was pretty cool. People always take the attractions on their doorstep for granted. Anyway, we boarded the bus at 6pm in Miraflores.

    From here the bus went through Miraflores before getting stuck in some pretty awful traffic. It was also quite cold which I wasn’t expecting. We eventually made it to Circuito Magico del Agua in Parque de la Reserva (it’s only 4 Soles in but this is included in the price). If you’re going to Lima check it out. You spend about an hour in the park and catch a really cool light show.

    After the park it was off to the 5-star Sheraton Hotel for some coffee, sandwiches and cake. Very fancy! Then it was back on the bus for a tour of downtown Lima at night. Great way to spend an evening.

    I thought the night couldn’t get any better but then myself and Francis went for something to eat. He knew people in the restaurant so decided it would be funny if he told the waiters it was my birthday. After our main course they crowded around me and sang Happy Birthday, even though it wasn’t! Still, it was definitely my first South American birthday...

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