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  1. Lisbon - our city, your city

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    Lisbon - our city, your city


    The first guest post on our blog in 2011 is by Joao Pires from Travellers House, winner of the Hostelworld.com Hoscar for 'Best Hostel in the World' for the third year in a row at the 9th Annual Hostelworld.com Hoscar Awards.

    Travellers House is a hostel located in downtown Lisbon, the only capital in Europe where you can see the sun set on the ocean. Maybe mere trivia, but this simple fact makes Lisbon something quite unique.

    Lisboans are quite proud of their city's historical heritage, of their culture, of their food, but there's something which they're prouder of than anything else: Lisbon's unique light. You may find it strange, but you'll see it when you get here. Visions such as the sun beaming on the white walls of churches, and buildings reflecting on the river and on the cobblestones make Lisbon a paradise for walkers and photography aficionados. We especially love the moment which is generally called "Lusco Fusco" by native Lisboans – that last window of light with the golden sunlight painting Lisbon's horizon is cherished in a special way.

    ‘Petiscar’ is another loved verb. A verb we love to conjugate. It stands for having a nibble, taking advantage of Portugal's very diverse table culture, savouring it slowly in small but delicious steps. Like Lisboans say: “It's a meal not to eat, but to keep on eating”, enjoying both company and landscape.

    At Travellers House we try to provide that too, by recommending our favourite ‘petiscos’ spots, but also by organizing traditional Portuguese dinners where travellers can get to know each other, sharing travelling experiences whilst tasting some of the best treats this city has to offer. ‘Petiscar’, in this case, is a meal to socialise, to share and to take advantage of everyone's presence around a table. It doesn't matter where you come from – if you're travelling you always have something to share, just the fact that you're out of your comfort zone absorbing what is around you.

    Travellers House is a hostel by travellers for travellers. It may sound like a common place, but it really says what our team aims for. Everyone at Travellers has been out and about, and a backpack just feels like a natural part of us. We believe that one of the most thrilling parts of travelling is to immerse yourself into the culture, the way of life of the people that live in the place you're visiting. To be able to witness something from a local point of view has no price, and nothing can replace that feeling of being there absorbing it for the first time.

    That's exactly our passion, to be able to show the traveller a more human, cultural perspective of what Lisbon really is by providing advice about what we like doing, where we like to go and the best ways to enjoy them. Little moments like climbing a hill, wandering through winding little streets, getting to the top and enjoying the scenery, the whole city in your horizon…those are the ones that make your trip to Lisbon.

    Lisbon is the place for me... and it can be for you, too!

    To see the full list of winners along with a video from the night visit our special Hoscars page.

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