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  1. Listen to our latest podcast: 'Ask the locals - San Francisco'

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    Listen to our latest podcast: 'Ask the locals - San Francisco'


    Hostelworld.com’s 58th travel podcast is now available on the site. This one is called ‘Ask the locals – San Francisco’ and asks San Fran’s locals what are their favourite bars, restaurants and more.

    For the podcast I took to the streets of San Francisco armed with my microphone and voice recorder. I don’t actually use the microphone – I just use it for visual effect. If I was to stand there holding my voice recorder people wouldn’t stop as it looks a bit like a mobile phone. So instead I use the microphone to get their attention and then record using the voice recorder. To this day nobody has ever asked me ‘Eh, why aren’t you using the microphone’ as I never use it!

    Anyway, aside from that, if listen to our new podcast (which I strongly advise you do) you’ll find out what are the favourite bars, restaurants and more of the people who live there.

    To listen to it click here. Hope you like it.

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