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  1. Live the Bond lifestyle on a budget

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    One of my favourite things about watching James Bond movies is seeing all the stunning locations where his adventures unfold. Bond is always on the move and over the years has racked up quite a number of stamps on the many passports he owns. However, no Bond film is complete without a few adventures in his native land and throughout 23 films, including the latest release ‘Skyfall’, James Bond has experienced many shootouts, car chases and encounters with beautiful women around the UK. And while he may ooze luxury and expense with his penthouse suites and Aston Martin cars, you don’t need a massive bank balance to sample some Bond-like experiences around Britain. I’ve put together some locations that have played a part in the Bond legacy over the years and how you can have a taste of Ian Fleming’s characters adventures without blowing too much of your travel budget...


    007 has to check in with the boss from time to time so an appearance at MI6 HQ in London has featured in many Bond movies. And in typical Bond style, the secret agent more often than not will cause a bit of stir in the capital. From speeding down the Thames in a boat to rolling off the roof of The Millennium Dome, James Bond has had many adventures around London over the years. 007 even played a key part in this year’s opening ceremony for the London Olympics as he picked up The Queen from Buckingham Palace to escort her in style to the event.

    London can be expensive at the best of times but we’ve some great places to stay if you fancy a ‘Bond on a Budget’ experience there...

    St Christopher’s Inn, London Bridge

    Located close to one of the city’s most historical and iconic landmarks, St Christopher’s Inn is the perfect pick if you want to stay for cheap in London while retracing the scenes of James Bond’s adventures. This hostel is also a short distance from the London Eye Pier where Bond took an action packed boat ride down the Thames in ‘The World is Not Enough’.

    Astor Hyde Park

    This London hostel will see you staying in the heart of London without paying an absolute fortune. Astor Hyde Park is just a short distance from The Queen’s most famous residence – Buckingham Palace where Bond famously collected Her Majesty for the opening of the London Olympics!


    The latest Bond offering ‘Skyfall’ was partly filmed in the stunning area of Glencoe in Scotland. Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming originally wrote that Bond’s family hailed from this area, so the newest chapter of the film series visits the Scottish Highlands to delve into Bond’s ancestry. This sees Scotland’s third appearance in the James Bond movie series with previous scenes shot at Faslane Naval Base in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, while Eilan Donan Castle was a secret MI6 base visited by Pierce Brosnan in ‘The World is Not Enough’.

    Glencoe Independent Hostel

    Explore the hills and countryside of Glencoe where Bond and his spy boss M meet when you stay at this popular hostel. Its rural location allows for immediate access to the hilly landscape as it is located on 2 acres of land. The scenery around Glencoe Independent Hostel is stunning with some excellent walking and cycling routes close by.


    The famous Ascot Racecourse was used as a location for the 1985 Bond film ‘A View to a Kill’ where Sir Roger Moore played the secret agent for the final time. Here Mr. Bond dons a suit and top hat to fit in with the race-going crowd at Ascot as he spies on the villain. A visit to the annual race meeting of Royal Ascot is certainly the perfect excuse to dress like the dapper James Bond as punters dress to impress in suits, waistcoats and the occasional top hat too. Ladies can also embrace their inner 'Bond girl' as the style stakes are high with elaborate hats and heels a necessity.

    Fines Bayliwick Countryhouse

    Ascot Racecourse is just roughly 30 minutes from Reading where you'll find a lively town with shops, pubs and restaurants. Fines Bayliwick Countryhouse is a great place to stay in Reading and its budget prices will allow you to invest a bit more in that outfit to make you look like you belong in a flashy spy movie.


    The stunning coastal location of Cornwall and its surroundings featured in the 2002 Bond installment of ‘Die Another Day’ where Pierce Brosnan donned the 007 suit. At the opening of the film you’ll see shots of Holywell Bay, a beautiful beach that’s near Newquay. Cornwall’s popular Eden Project, which is home to the world’s largest greenhouse as well as England's longest zipwire, was used as the location for the fictional diamond mines that featured in the plot.

    St Christopher's Inn Newquay

    Set on a cliff top location, a stay at St Christopher's Inn Newquay offers some scenic coastal views while sticking to a small budget. This great hostel is so close to the coast that you’ll wake up hearing the waves crash to the shore. And there’s also the ever popular Belushi’s Bar at the hostel where you can test the bar staffs martini making skills.

    Images courtesy of Danny Nicholson, Mike_fleming and PeterJBellis.

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