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  1. Machu Picchu - Hostelworld.com's Q & A

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    Machu Picchu - Hostelworld.com's Q & A


    You may have heard many things about Machu Picchu - you need to be there at 4am to get your ticket to Hyuana Picchu; Aguas Calientes is a horrible place; it isn't as amazing as people say...read on for Hostelworld.com's lowdown on the famous Peruvian landmark...

    Q. How long in advance do you need to book the Inca Trail?
    If you've planning on doing the Inca Trail during peak season, you should look about booking it about three months in advance. During low season this drops to between two and one month.

    Q. What do if the Inca Trail is booked up?
    There are lots of 'alternative routes' to Machu Picchu which can be booked a few days in advance. If you don't get on to the official Inca Trail don't fret - you'll get yourself on some trek. And you'll definitely get to Machu Picchu as you can go there on a day tour from Cusco.

    Q. What time should I start trekking at?
    If you want to climb Hyuana Picchu then start making tracks around 4am. Earlier during high season. If not, you may not get to climb it as only 400 tickets are issued every day. My advice is to opt for the 10am option. This way you can enjoy the sunrise as the clouds clear.

    Q. What is Aguas Calientes like?
    It isn't as bad as you might have heard it is. Sure, there's nothing in the town that isn't tourist driven, but it's clean and nobody can deny its amazing location at the foot of the mountains. But if being told it's happy hour approximately 48 times every minute will get to you, then you probaly won't like this place.

    Q. Will it blow me away?
    That's all down to you really. It will or it won't. It blew this traveller away. Completely. Maybe one day I will return.

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