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  1. Me and my car

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    Me and my car


    Yesterday, for only the second time in my life, I drove in a foreign country. For those of you only tuning in now, that country was South Africa which is where I am at this moment in time.

    My first port of call was Stellenbosch. I was there to get footage of a vineyard for my “10 things…” video. The vineyard in question was Fairview which is also famous for its cheese tasting. Afterwards I had lunch with my friend Fiona who happens to be over in South Africa at the moment. She came to Stellenbosch and we enjoyed a light lunch in one of the nearby vineyards before I returned to Cape Town.

    Coming back into the city was trickier than going out. I wasn’t sure what exit I was to take from the motorway so I drove right into Downtown Cape Town. I was still unsure as to how to make it back to The Backpack so at this point I’d like to pay homage to Apple for inventing the iPhone and Google for inventing the Google Maps app. You guys saved me yesterday evening.

    Because I want to show you an aerial view of Cape Town at night, what I did yesterday evening is getting a post all on its own.

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