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  1. Meat sweats - Argentinean style!

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    Meat sweats - Argentinean style!


    Last night I ate lots of meat. I mean lots. There were different types of steak, sausages and more. And yes…I got the meat sweats. Mike and Celeste from Hostel Lao where I’m staying threw on a traditional Argentinean barbecue – my first one here.

    There was a lovely atmosphere in the hostel last night – everybody was sitting around a big table and chatting. I was talking to John and Sonia from Manchester. We spoke about what any Irish person and Mancunian (person from Manchester) would talk about – music. John explained to me how Oasis were so much more than a band that live off their first two albums. I disagreed mainly because, well, they’re a band that live off their first two albums.

    John also told me how much of a twat he feels Bono is. I said I neither agreed nor disagreed (I don’t mind Bono that much to be honest). I did say though that you can’t deny U2’s talent and their consistency over the years.

    Today I’m meeting somebody from Kahuak Tours to interview them for a podcast about wine. Hope a glass of the stuff isn’t part of the interview. It’s only 9.15!

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