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  1. Memorabilia, modern art and a ferry cross the Mersey!

    posted by Rebecca Keenan | 0 Comments

    Memorabilia, modern art and a ferry cross the Mersey!


    Today was a busy day for me as I recorded three different podcasts, did a whole lot of filming and saw a lot of Liverpool!

    I left Hatters Hostel this morning before 8 and had a delicious breakfast in Pumpernickels, a sandwich place nearby. From there I made my way down to the Beatles Story at the Albert Dock where I met Mary and Lisa and recorded my first podcast. As a Beatles fans, it was pretty amazing to see such a fantastic collection of memorabilia. And I can’t lie, I did get a little choked up on entering the extremely poignant Imagine room.

    I stayed around Albert Dock for a while, visiting the Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum. Both were really interesting and free too, so definitely worth a look. From there I went to the Tate Liverpool, a huge modern art gallery, also in the Albert Dock area. Here I met up with Ami and then recorded my second podcast of the day with Christoph, the director at the Tate.

    Then it was straight over to the Mersey Ferries terminal where I hopped on the ferry, met up with some of the crew and recorded my third and final podcast of the day with Martin, the Mersey Ferries General Manager. Martin and Ian then organised for me to visit both the Spaceport and the U-Boat Story, two of the top attractions on the other side of the Mersey.

    I loved the Spaceport! Suzanne showed me around here. From the awe-inspiring planetarium show to the incredibly fun Wallace and Gromit exhibit up on the first floor, it was just brilliant. Chris showed me around at the U-Boat Story, a fascinating look at one of a very small number of surviving U-boats. They have an enigma code machine in the museum part of this attraction, along with lots of other artefacts.

    After all that sightseeing I was looking forward to checking out Sefton Park!

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