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  1. Mendoza - the wine capital of Argentina

    posted by Colm Hanratty | 2 Comments

    Mendoza - the wine capital of Argentina


    Mendoza travel podcast – check. Today I met with Fernando Gonzales from Kahuak Tours here in Mendoza to interview him for a podcast about the various wine regions here in Mendoza.

    There are three in all. The best-known of the three is the Maipu region which is really close to the city centre, while the most famous wine is Malbec, a red wine you will see on the wine list of almost every restaurant here in Mendoza.

    I recorded the podcast in one of the vineyards here in Mendoza. As you can see, it was one with a very impressive view of the Andes in the background.

    To book a sport on Kahuak's day-biking tour click here.

  2. 2 Comments so far.

    Emily said on 08/01/2010 at 3:30pm

    Hi!I was in Mendoza for the holiday season and I have to say I really had a great time down there!Although it was pretty hot, I took a bike tour around Luján de Cuyo wine region with Mendoza Holidays (http://www.mendozaholidays.com). It was so much fun!We visited Belasco de Baquedano and had a delicious lunch at Ruca Malen. If somebody is thinking about going to Mendoza, don't hesitate to contact this people!

    latetraveler said on 10/11/2009 at 1:14am

    Great wine at extremely cheap prices! Especially if you go to Don Arturo. Like the majority of the vineyards, it's family owned and their wine is soooooooo delicious! I bought back 4 bottles! Did you also do the olive oil trail? It's really good and interesting; I went to PASRAI, really good! "sigh" Happy trails:)

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