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  1. MoMA – one of New York City’s top museums

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    MoMA – one of New York City’s top museums


    I arrived in New York City today. I’ve been lucky in terms of visiting there. I’ve been there pretty much every year for the last four years. Each time I try to do something new in terms of content and this time is no different. But before I got to work on that I had a meeting in MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), one of New York City’s top museums.

    I met Lynn Parish from the museum to interview him for a podcast. In it gave me a bit of background to the museum, told me what are the highlights and more. It will be up on the site soon.

    After that I went down to Greenwich Village. I always call down when I’m in the Big Apple. It’s a cool neighbourhood and one you should make sure to visit if ever in New York. Around Bleecker and Macdougal Streets is where it’s at.

    Now my friends, it’s off to the US Open.

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