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  1. More than just a hostel booking

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    More than just a hostel booking


    Did you know that when you make a booking with us right now you get up to 60 minutes free credit from Skype? Or that you can edit your bookings from your mobile phone? Or that we offer a $50 money-back guarantee with every booking? Read on to discover these benefits of booking with us and others...

    1. Free pocket guides
    If you don't have the funds to purchase a guide book in our travel services section don't worry - we've got over 90 free pocket guides from everywhere to Amsterdam to Zurich. They're packed with info on ways to save money, the best places to eat and more.

    2. US$50 Booking guarantee
    We're so confident that the hostel will have your booking on their records when they arrive that, in the unlikely event that they don't, we'll credit your account with US$50 that you can use towards future bookings!

    3. Book hostels/edit your bookings on the go
    The way we use the internet is changing all the time. These days many people don't even use a computer to browse. Instead they use their phones. We took this into account and have modified our mobile site so you can view and edit your bookings on the go. If you've got a really snazzy phone then you might want to check out our iPhone app or Android app

    4. Your own part of the site where you can upload photos and more
    Known as 'MyWorld', this is the part of our site where, along with viewing and editing bookings, you can upload photos and videos, connect with other like-minded travellers as well as see who'll be staying in your hostel the same time as you. Think of it as our very own social-networking site, just for budget travellers.

    5. Buy travel insurance, travel SIM cards and more
    While it's good to have a confirmed booking on the go, there other things you need when travelling too. These include travel insurance in case you lose your bags or something less/more unfortunate occurs, travel SIM cards for your phone so your roaming charges don't get too hectic, and guide books so you can research those cities before you arrive in them. These can all be bought in the travel services part of the site.

    6. City guide videos
    Presented by yours truly, we've got award-winning travel videos with tips on how to save money, the best places to eat and more in the world's top cities. We've more videos which are specifically designed to help you save money and others to give you a snapshot of the city.

    7. Live customer service staff
    It's no secret that filling in a contact form when trying to contact a customer service team is frustrating. With this in mind, we've given you the option to contact our customer service team via 'LiveChat'. Just look for the logo when making a booking (it's on the same page that you enter your credit card details). If you're looking for a number to contact us on, we don't hide that like other sites. Instead, you can find it here.

    8. Tours
    Whether it's adventure tours, culture tours or walking tours, you can book them as well as hostels on our site.

    10. Podcasts
    If you're looking to get a real taste of a city's top attractions, then we advise you listen to our podcasts. Recorded in everywhere from Edinburgh Castle to South Beach, Miami, they give you a real taste of a destination before you get there.

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