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  1. Most original story longlist

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    We’re almost at the end of announcing our top bloggers for each category of the Travel Story Awards 2013, and with voting beginning next week, things are starting to get exciting…

    Next up is the longlist for Most Original Story. We asked you to nominate “A post that shows a destination or aspect of travel from a new, different or unexplored point of view” and it was amazing to see so many refreshing new posts. It was difficult, but we had to narrow them down, so have a look below to see who’s made the list and why.

    - Voting for Most Original Story will open on December 11th.

    - A shortlist of ten bloggers, drawn from the 25 top nominees below, will be revealed on the day voting begins.

    - The winning blogger will be announced in January, and will receive a week’s free accommodation from Hostelworld

    Most Original Story Longlist: the Top 15 Nominations

     Solo Traveller

    Monument Valley and the Question of Historical Truth

    “Travelers see history everywhere but are they seeing the truth. This post uses Monument Valley, well-known as a backdrop in hundreds of films, to encourage travellers to think critically about the history they learn on the road.”

    Solitary Wanderer

    Of Eve Teasing and Solo Travel in India

    “It highlights the challenges of solo female travel in India.”

    The Shooting Star

    What a Fisherman Taught Me About “Paradise”.

    “Mauritius from the lens of a fisherman.”

     Flora the Explorer

    Can Drinking Ayahuasca Change Your Life?

    “Getting under the skin of whether one of the holy grails of travel is tacky debauchery or a worthwhile encounter.”

     The Most Alive

     Lebanon the Brave

    “This post highlights the incredible experiences that can be had when venturing into places/countries less travelled.”

     Fluent in 3 Months

    Walking from the Nile to the pyramids, and the people I met on the way

    “The Pyramids are famous and the Nile is famous, but what about the real Egypt between the two? This travel blogger walks the path and speaks to people on the way in Arabic.”

     This World Rocks

    Horse Trekking with Tibetan Nomads

    “A very original destination with a very local, non-touristy, angle.

     Travelling for Fun

    Catching Dinner in Greenland

    “Dog sledding at the Arctic Circle just isn’t the same unless you do it properly.”

     Trans Americas

    From Narco Trafficker to Narco Tourism: Taking the Pablo Escobar Tour – Medellin, Colombia

    “Colombian tourism is booming and some are turning Narco Terrorism into Narco Tourism.”

    Not a Ballerina

    Exploring the rubbish bins and garbage trucks of Vienna - a new perspective on travel

    "There's probably no other blog post in the world focussing on Vienna's garbage.”

    Breathe, Dream, Go                 

    Journey to Ireland for The Gathering

    “Combo of travel writing with personal search for family roots”

    Wanderful World                     

    Is Tourism Saving Christiania?

    “There's a lot of posts about Christiania, Copenhagen's freetown, as a place of freedom and rebellion. But how does it really fit into the rest of Copenhagen and how is it affected by society?”

    Mapping Megan                      

     Contained from Athens to Hong Kong

    “Traveling from Athens to Hong Kong on a container ship is an incredibly unique way of traveling!  Not your average form of transportation!”

    Rear View Mirror                     

    Lunching with Drug Lords in Lazarat

    “Visiting a lawless village in Albania which few tourists get to enter.”

    Time Travel Turtle

    Life on the Track

    “It seems odd to get a train just for the sake of getting a train - especially one that leaves you where you started. But in Yangon, it's a perfect way to see some real life.”

    Congratulations to all nominees!

    Stay tuned for the rest of our Travel Story Award category longlists, coming soon:

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